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Things You Should Know About “Raw-Shield” Coatings
“Raw-Shield” Elastomer Polyurethane Coatings
Spray applied “Raw-Shield” plural component elastomer
coatings adhere, bond and dry with a quality textured
surface in seconds on wood, fiberglass, metal and
concrete surfaces. Bedliners can be walked on in minutes.
“Raw-Shield” coatings provide reliable impact-resistant
protection, take wear and tear and extend the life
of the product or surface on which they are applied.
100% solid polyurethane “Raw-Shield” coatings are
durable, weather-resistant, heavy duty spray coatings
for floors, pickup truck bedliners, big rigs, dumps, vans,
jeeps, trailers, boats, water-craft and multiple construction,
marine and agricultural applications.
“Raw-Shield” coatings are ideal for corrosion, abrasion
linings, decks, farm silos, tanks, marine cargo, hulls,
secondary containment and many custom applications.
Truck Bedliners
New Generation Poly-Tough…Heavy Duty Coatings!
Looking Good – Working Good
“Raw-Shield” coatings look great and work great
while providing a air protective slip resistant
barrier between cargo and your truck bed.
Quick Spray-On Application
“Raw-Shield” durable, sound and shock absorbing
heavy-duty spray-on lining can be spray-molded
to your truck bed and ready to go minutes after application.
Protect Your Truck
and Investment

“Raw-Shield” Advanced, spray applied coatings provide
air and water tight protection while increasing the value
of your new or used pickup truck.
Fits Like a Glove…
Color Choices Available

“Raw-Shield” fits the contour of your truck with
clean, sharp lines, molding around 5th wheel
hitches, utility boxes and tie downs.
Complete Line of…
Aromatic, Aliphatic, Polyurethane Coatings for Construction, Transportation, Mining, Industrial & Agricultural Use
“Raw-Shield” polyurethane coatings protect marine,
industrial and agricultural surfaces from abrasion,
corrosion and heavy use while protecting the
environment and wildlife. 100% spray-applied coatings
offer exceptional versatility for marine, truck
and outdoor applications where moisture is present.
“Raw-Shield” ‘No Voc’ polyurethane coatings increase
the efficiency of hauling heavy commodities in big rigs,
dumps, commercial trucks and trailers. The ultimate
spray-applied high performance coatings for smooth
application with any high-heat, high pressure usage.
“Raw-Shield” 100% solid polyurethane coatings
offer quick cure times, exceptional physical properties
for material hardness, tensile strength, flexibility,
elongation and U.V. resistance. Coatings are ideal
for construction, transportation, commercial, industrial
protection and water-proofing applications.
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